(Project: 14.5 x 12.5m rear garden)

Project Summary:  This project was fully completed in November 2016, although most of the plants were planted out in the summer. I will provide a full album of the site in the spring, once the plants are more established.  That said, these web photos give you a great indication of the effect we achieved.

This garden was fun to do and a great exercise in re-organising a space.  Not only was the garden an interesting triangular shape but it presented challenges: what to do with the existing footpath and access to the rear? Where to put the shed without seeing it? Where to put a new sunny patio? And, of course, there was the question of what to do if/when the neighbour eventually builds their extension?

My clients were keen to find an innovative family friendly concept, with new planting and guidance on maintaining the garden thereafter.  They adore the more established country cottage/classic style but whatever the design it had to be reasonably low maintenance.  The challenge was to give my client everything they wanted whilst sticking to very tight guidelines.  My client also wanted their front of house to reflect a more contemporary and welcoming elegance. Where possible we recycled/refurbished materials, features and plants.