Townhouse 2, TN4

(Project: Design of rear terrace and seating area )

Project Summary:  

This was a special project…. it was great fun to design, exceedingly heavy going to build but the result is uber nice.

The client wanted a more elegant, uplifting view from the house, somewhere to dine as well somewhere to sit and enjoy the evening sun. The planting needed to be very simple but interesting to look at throughout the year.

We used curves for the jungle and straight lines for the terrace. We raised the level of the terrace and extended it, we embraced the jungle and sank our seating into it. The retaining sleeper wall acts as both planter, seat and fence screen. The bench itself needed to to appear to float within the structure so that the ribbing of the main retaining wall could be seen. The cushion was made especially for the seat and the seat itself is really comfortable.

More photos of the main garden to follow once plants have had a chance to establish!