New House & Garden 2, TN2

(Project: 11m x 9m rear garden)

Project Summary:  

Developers tend to carve up garden spaces of their new builds with fence panels, sometimes walls but with little thought as to topography, aspect and ultimately their new owners. This garden is no exception. It has about a half meter drop from the fence to the back door. On one side a two and half meter north facing wall and on the other a diagonal fence. Being a building site there was virtually no top soil above the clay.

My clients, a wonderful couple, had moved to the new home to be closer to their family and grandchildren. They had just purchased the shed and it was floating quite happily by itself at the top of the garden when I arrived.

Using the existing concrete square paving I was asked to remodel the space; making the most of the views from the house, the light etc and propose planting that would provide them with lots of interest year round.

The first step was to move the shed to the wall. Then we created three tiers: a lower dining seating area; the raised lawn with ‘hopscotch’ paving and a top tier for evening seating as well as access to the gate and the shed! The oak sleeper wall and various levels were linked using brick/paver steps and the planting to soften it all consisted in the main of box balls, ferns, flowering perennials and grasses.