LondoN, E11

(Project: 11 x 7.5m rear garden)

Project Summary: 

This was a great urban design project.  Fresh from having a rear extension built, my clients were looking for a low maintenance, modern/entertaining garden space to connect with the house, its raised french door entrance and a rear gated side entrance.  They came to me seeking guidance on the spacial design of their garden, they knew what they wanted but they were unsure of how it would all work. 

My clients wanted greenery but no grass, a seating area for entertainment, space for a trampoline for their two children, a shed to replace the garage, a french door seating area for coffee in the morning and year round interest in the planting.

The angled design coupled with the eventual planting plan works a treat in this space and encourages the onlooker to draw the eyes away from the large shed.



After (Updated March 2019)